12NOV2020: Guild Ranks work in progress Most of the below are notes, to build rank requirements and responsibilities.

Knigh7s Ranking System is designed to spread out the responsibilities of each member, while still maintaining a level of authority & chain of command to assist in identifying one's roles. 

Guild Ranks

Guild Master - 

GM responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Writing all guild charters and rules
  2. Roundtable Communications with Officers
  3. Making the final decision in regards to disciplinary actions put forth by the Officers
  4. To make the decisions whether to Join/Create an Alliance with other Guilds, Orgs, or Clans
  5. To make the decisions for trade agreements
  6. Responsibilities of all ranks below GM

Officer Ranks

Officers are in charge of member moral, discipline, class responsibilities, must be familiar with raid/boss fights and related strategies, organize guild events, update guild website and social media, maintain order in the guild and handle complaints, uphold guild charter and rules, participate in guild events.

  • Marshall - Be aware of member quarrels, settle disputes in a fair and firm manner. Enforce the guild charter and rules.
  • Specialist - Organize guild social events, update guild website and social media. Plan raid events
  • Advisor - Recruiter. All applicants will be reviewed by this rank and communicated with other officers and GM.

Member Ranks

  • Raid Knight -
  • Knight - The "ALL" Members rank 
  • Rook - Past Probation
  • Initiate- New member to the Guild. Probationary Rank. Must actively participate for 2 weeks (can be 14 non-consecutive days) before promotion to Rook.

Sub Ranks

  • Alts
  • AFK - Away From Keyboard. For Players that are on an extended leave of absence. Temporary demotion to initiate status to prevent hacked accounts from access to Guild Banks, etc. Reinstatement to original rank before leave upon return.
  • Retired

Disciplinary Rank

  • Mute - Muted on all Communication Channels (e.g. Discord Channels, Game Chat, and Website).
  • Traitor - Malicious acts against Knigh7s by Guild Member.

Game Ranks

-Raid Ranks

Class Leader - Commanding officer of their class, in charge of promotion in class range.

Raider - Mandatory to participate in raids

Grand? Master
Master (Guild, Clan, etc.)
Adviser (recruiter, planner?) 
Knight (Full Member with some Adviser roles)
Rook (in training)
Initiate (probationary)
Alt (alt characters, listed under main character bio and with "alt" Icon)
Traitor (malicious acts against Knigh7s)
Retired (RIP)