12AUG2019: This is still a work in progress, therefore these charters and rules have not been finalized.


Knigh7s is a family of gamers that takes pride in creating and enhancing the gaming experience which build enduring value for our gaming community.


Below you will find our Charters and Rules that will govern this community to keep the order. Knigh7s objective is to build and maintain an enjoyable, results driven gaming community.

Section 1: Purpose

1.1 Core Values

1.1.1 Respect

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and may differ from yours. That is a fact of life, and we all need to remember to be respectful of others. We are also all human, for the most part, therefore we often make mistakes. Be tactful when pointing out others mistakes and/or errors. Do not display immature or petty behavior as it will only reflect on yourself.

1.1.2 Professionalism

No one knows everything. Everyone has a different degree of knowledge of a game. Be patient with others. If you are unable to assist another member, point them in the right direction.

1.1.3 Responsibility Help Initiates

All players start from somewhere, as did you. Part of the Guild responsibilities is to help out our new recruits. If you can't help for any reason other than "I don't feel like it", point them to someone that can or an online guide/wiki. Help other members Share resources Keep it clean

We have players of all ages. Some players have kids that like to watch or even play along side their parents. Lets keep it clean (Ref: Section 4) of inappropriate language on all forums (e.g. Discord, In Game Chat, this site, etc.).

1.1.4 Teamwork and Innovation


Section 2: Time Commitment

2.1 Activity

All Guild Members must stay active both in game and on this site.

2.1.1 Site participation must be at least once a week.

2.1.2 Game activity can be found under Section 4.2 Game Rules.



Section 3: Initiate

3.1 Expectation

3.2 Inactive

Section 4: Official Rules

4.1 General Rules

4.1.1 No Flaming or Trolling

4.1.2 No Excessive Swearing

4.1.3 No Obscenity

4.1.4 No Derogatory or Racist Terms

4.1.5 No Spamming

4.1.6 No Unauthorized Advertisement

4.1.7 Must be able to speak English

4.1.8 Must use Discord Voice/Text Chat

4.2 Game Rules

4.2.1 Eve Online

4.2.2 Guild Wars 2

4.2.3 Star Citizen

Section 5: Violations

5.1 Absolutely no cheating of any kind will be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from Knigh7s.