The Origin of Knigh7s

Knigh7s is a multi-gaming family originally known as AngelKnigh7s [AK] on StarCraft, we started off as a small group of players that had met in game mid to late 1999. Later the name changed to just Knigh7s [Knigh7s] or [K7] as the leader was known as "Angel" or Angel[AngelKnigh7s] which turned into Angel[Knigh7s]. The use of the "7" to replace the "t" in knights was used to indicate the original 7 members that gave birth to Knigh7s and later became the "Knigh7s of the Round Table" using the [K7] tag to indicate leadership.


1999: Birth of Knigh7s | Clan Tags: [AngelKnigh7s] [AK], [Knigh7s] [K7] [AK7]

1999 - 2001: StarCraft

2001 - 2003: Diablo II | Counter-Strike | Eve Online | Final Fantasy XI Online

2004: Unreal Tournament 2

2005: Guild Wars & World of Warcraft

2010: StarCraft II

2012: Guild Wars 2 | Diablo III

2012 - 2013: Fall of Knigh7s

2013: Risen from the Ashes - Rebirth of Knigh7s

2016: Guild Wars 2 | Overwatch | Mobile Gaming | Rebirth of Knigh7s.com

2018: Ring of Elysium

2019: Black Desert Online [PC Only]

2020: Star Citizen


Needing a place to call our home on the interwebs, Knigh7s.net was born. It was originally named Knigh7s Network which was actually an Online Gaming, Import Racing, & Anime community. Throughout the years it evolved and then died out. It wasn't until 2013, where it was resurrected with the slogan "we will rise from the ashes". This is where it sat with just a landing page and a forum. Now jump to 2016, the site has risen from the ashes and is know Knigh7s.com. Knigh7s.net will continue to forward to Knigh7s.com.


Knigh7s ran a few game servers based off of Valves Source Engine Modding Community under the name [Gamer Lobby]. 

Day of Defeat: Source

Counter-Strike: Source

Hidden: Source

The servers are no longer running, but may come back sometime in the future.