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Required Tools

All Guild Members are required to utilize the following tools:

Discord - Download


Division Downloads

Other games that any member can join!

Eve Online - Download

StarCraft II - Download

Guild Wars 2 - Download

Knigh7s Divisions Knigh7s Divisions Knigh7s Divisions Knigh7s Divisions Knigh7s Divisions Knigh7s Divisions Knigh7s Divisions


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BDO Underwater Ruins - A new Adventure

The Underwater Ruins addition is coming May 22, 2019!

Check it out at: https://www.blackdesertonline.com/underwater

Hits: 12770

New Division - Black Desert Online [Remastered]

Black Desert Online Remastered on PC is the latest addition to the Guild!


This Division will be PC Exclusive.

Hits: 12557

New Division - Overwatch

New Division added to our list of games! Check out their cinematic trailer below.

This latest FPS from Blizzard looks extremely promising!

Hits: 13350